Sell BOPP Film (5 items)

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BOPP Film (5 items)

The BOPP film (Biaxial-oriented Polypropylene film) production line consists of casting
sheet extrusion, biaxial orientation, after treatment, rolling, cutting, and automatic
control. It can produce BOPP films of various specifications and stable dimensions,
with good mechanical and electrical performances, good heat resistance, cold resistance
and gastightness.
We manufacture 7 items of BOPP film (basic film) .
1. 4-12Micron BOPP capacitor film
2. BOPP tobacco film for cigarette pack (thickness :21-22 micron) .
3. one( two ) side heat sealable BOPP film . (thickness :15-50 micron
4. Plain ( corona treated ) BOPP film for tape grade (thickness :25-28 micron )
5. Plain ( corona treated ) BOPP film for bag grade (thickness :35-45 micron )
6. BOPP laser film & BOPP tear film .
Please offer us your Spec. of the goods including Thickness , Width , Length , Core diameter , ouer diameter , Packing requirement , Application , delivery date and so forth .
We look forward to your inquiry at any time . ahsfjlb at hot mail dot com