Sell BOPP Functional Master batch/ PE Masterbatch

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YSH701 is a kind of slip master batch special for packing films, with 6% high purity erucamide. it can adjust films surface slippage effectively and improve the anti-static performance.

YSH701 can be add in the surface layer or core layer of the BOPP, CPP film, is suitable for the
high-speed production line.

Recommended addition rates
According to required, the addition rate is at 1%--3%, in this way BOPP films will have good opening
performance and slippage performance. But the ideal addition rate can be confirmed by testing.

PE heavy-duty bag, 25Kg/bag.

YSH701 can be stored up to maximum 6 months at 25oC for optimum performance. Higher
temperatures might reduce storage time considerably.

Regards to BOPP Master batch, We are producing fallow functional masterbatch:
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Anti-blocking agent Masterbatch--YFN105PC/ YFN105MS
Slip Master batch --YSH701/YSH702
Matte compound --YXG843
Pearlized Master batch --RP261B
Stiffness Masterbatch --YZT203