Sell BOPP Matte film (12Um,15UM,18UM)

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BOPP Matte film (12Um,15UM,18UM)

Glossiness is low, assumes the diffuse reflection, the eye feeling is gentle, the printing effect is good, completely obviously noble, comfortable feel well, if the paper resembles the silk, the other side features same printable &composite.
thickness : 12,15,17,18,20,25,30,35 microns
application : laminate with paper for book and magazine, gift bags too , also can be used for package box of soap , food, cigarette, cosmetics and medical products.
Inner matte side (as its standard) , Two side corona, low gloss and high haze; perfect printing performance; excellent heat sealing performance.
THICKNESS: 19, 20, 25 micron
THICKNESS TOLERANCE: 13% ((Beta)ray thickness measurement)
Performance Unit Typical Value
Tensile Strength MD MPa >=100
TD >=200
Breakage Elongation MD % <=180
TD <=65
Thermal Shrinkage MD % <=4
TD <=3
Friction Coefficient Static <=0.7
Kinematics <=0.7
Gloss % <=10 (the mat side)
Haze % >=70
Wetting Tension mN/m >=38