Sell BOPP Tape

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Bopp Packing Tape
Standard adhesion and resistance, or high resistance to weather and tensile adhensive. Economical for general carton sealing and auto-packing machine.
Stationery tape
High adhesive, non-spreading, colorful. Ideal for school and office use, light packing, reinforcing documents and files.
Masking Tape
Good holding power no residue. Used for painting and insulation in automobile, furnitures and electrical industries, masking surface during spraying painting.
Double Side Foam Tape
Highly adhesive, good shock resistance, heat insulating, which can be used in conjunction with various stamping dies. Fastening of various signboards, containers, padding, stationery and general items.
Double Side Tissue Tape
Pacages sealing, holding and mounting of poster, sign, bag, carton, furniture, women&children products and electric industry application. .
Kraft Tape
Sealing carton, temporarily fixing steel product, machine part and electrical part.