Sell BOPP Thermal Film

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BOPP Thermal Film

The basic material of BOPP Thermal Lamination Film is bopp, and adhesive is EVA, which are widely used in film laminating craft (technology) in packing.
The characteristics of BOPP Thermal Lamination Film ?is in the following,
1, This product does not use the solvent, and excludes any virulent volatile matter. No benzene and Tasteless. It cannot produce any virulent gas and any virulent material in the film laminating process. Green environmental protection and safe non-toxic. It can be used in food, tobacco and liquor, Medicine packing.
2. film laminating operation is simple with no solvent. Only (laminating equipment ) can simplify the production craft. It does not need the use and blend about the rubber, solvent, diluent and so on . Thus it may reduce the production cost.
3. The product has greatly strengthened the cohesive force, and simultaneously it can promote the color degree of saturation and the surface smooth in the scale.
4. The phenomena of ?bubbled and desquamate pleats, and so on in the production will not appear. It has the great strength to beautify the spot the dusting passes