Sell BOPP film production plant

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The BOPP film production line consists of casting sheet extrusion, biaxial orientation, after treatment, rolling, cutting, and automatic control. It can produce BOPP films of various specifications and stable dimensions, with good mechanical and electrical performances, good heat resistance, cold resistance and gastightness.
weesign and manufacture of the production lines for producing BOPP films of the following specifications are supplied:
Type BOPP2500 BOPP4200 BOPP6200
Film width (m) 2.5 4.2 6.2
Film thickness (micro) 15-40 15-40 15-40
Production rate (m/min) 180 180 260
Annual capability (T/y) 3000 5000 12000
The main applications of BOPP films include:
Common films
Applicable for packages of textiles, clothes, flowers, gifts etc. , or as the base material of adhesive tapes or the coating on the covers of books or magazines.
Electrical films
The coarsing films are used for capacitors, while the Al metal-coating films used in the electronic field, or in low-voltage transformers, or for cables, etc.
Heat sealing films
Applicable for the packages of foods, cigarettes, medicines, pesticides, cosmetics, or clothes, etc.
Pearl films
Applicable for the packages requiring nontransparency, or the packages for snow cones, ice creams or other foodstuff