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BOPP tobacco film
1. Generally used for soft packing of pack cigarette
1) . ell-fitting to machine, suitable for high speed packing of all kinds of soft pack.
2) . Special hot slip ability on surface, can avoid machine-blocking, sticking etc.
3) . Quick heat sealing at low temperature and pressare.
4) . Good foldability after forming.
5) . Inferior optical properties to others.
2. Both side heat-sealable coextruded BOPP Film for high speed cigarette overwrap
1) . The proper heat shrinkage create the effect of close-fit package for the soft cigarette packets.
2) . Quick heatsealing at low temperature and pressure.
3) . Inferior optical properties to others.
3. Characteristic
1) . Excellent heat shrinkage providing tightly packing.
2) . Tolerance sliping specially designed on the surface, suitablefor fitting packing.

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