Sell BRAND-NEW Concrete Pump Truck 6x4 - 37m

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BRAND-NEW Concrete Pump Truck 6x4 - up to 40% cheaper than competition:

Concrete Pump Truck 6x4 - 37m

Chassis & Engine:

- VOLVO FH 390 6 x 4, 390PS, leaf spring and white coloured
- EURONORM 4 + 5, CE certified, ISO 9001
- 1 Year Warranty
- Selectable between Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania or Renault

Concrete Pump:

Mecbo Automatic Concrete Pump with Pulser Switch

The concrete pump unit is mounted to a base frame consisting of a rigid steel structure.
This mountable unit was designed for respective chassis.

- Max. output: 110m3/h
- Max. concrete pressure: 50-60 bars
- Max. no. of strokes: 30/min
- Conveying cylinders: 2000mm
- Conveying piston diameter: 200mm
- Oil tank capacity: approx. 400l
- Concrete feeder: 450l

Distributor boom:
Horizontal reach: 33 m
Vertical reach: 37 m
Swivel range: 370 degrees
Max. corner support: 410Kn
Conveying line: 125mm, 5.5 inch
Outlet distributor hose: 4m

- All functions of the distributor boom are controlled hydraulically.
- Conveying cylinders and rinsing chamber:
- Concrete feeder:
- Emergency shutdown:
- Filler unit, water tank:
- Ready-to-use concrete distributor boom including all conveying lines as well as the outlet distributor hose.
- Special control modules ensure maximum safety in case of failures.
- A stationary operating unit for controlling all functions can be accessed via wide stairs.

- Two mobile operating units for controlling all functions, fitted in a rigid housing made from shock- and impact-resistant plastic material with shoulder and hip belt
- IP 65 protection rating for temperatures ranging from minus 25 degrees C to + 65 degrees C
-Radio remote control
- Mobile operating unit outfit (cable and radio)
- Operating mode switch
- Operating hours meter

Further available:
- 28m
- 42m
- 47m
- 53m
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