BROOM BUYING AGENT INDONESIA You May Also Be Interested In: broom cargo forwarder
We are buying agent of broom etc for home needs, in Indonesia. If you have enqiry of BROOM made from coconut and corn please contact us. From selected suppliers, QC until shipment and document arrangement is our concern. Broom price start from $0.03.
We invite you to came and visit the producers and negoce directly to them to reach you target price. We arrange the production to match your target quality, time of production.

Sourcing the good suppliers based on buyers qualification requirement WE DO NOT TAKE ANY fee FROM SUPPLIER to keep supplier respect to our Quality Control policy.
Reporting the production progress from every Purchase Orders at every supplier periodically with sending pictures of the production and actively communicates with supplier and buyer to solve any problem happening in the middle of production progress to keep some mistaken happened to far and also to keep the production on schedule.
Quality controlling of the goods from construction, wooden quality, Moisturize Content of the wood, Color of the finishing, Sizes, Packaging system, container stuffing system.
To get a good rate direct from shipping lines and not through cargo forwarder so could get cheaper rate. We also do not take any commission from cargo.
Controlling container documentation of every container made by shipper and send on the right time after all the administration arrangements is done.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
3000 Pcs per day
h 130
Minimum Order Quantity
10000 units