Sell BS02-L1(503) BABYSHIELD safety car seats

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Model NO. : BS02-L1(503)

1.Model NO. : BS02
Product Name : BABYSHIELD safety car saets
It is a seat of forward facing only with harness.

2. Product Specifications:
Item No. BS02-L1(503)
G. W. :17KG
N. W. :14.5KG
QTY. : 2
MEAS. :57X46.5X91CM

3. Product Function:
1) Better protection against side impact
2) Provide 6 different sitting / sleeping postings
3) Practical belt hooks
4) Easy to install in the car
5) Simple one hand adjustment
6) To different customer's requirement of like, you can choose all kinds of colors.

4 . Product Peculiarity :
1) For children from 1 year to 6 years of age 9-25KG
2) 5-point safety belt, safety and durable
3) 6 angle-adjustable
4) Comfortable and air-premeable pad
5) One-whole jet-moldedbackrest
6) 4 safety belt adjustment combinations
7) comfortable protection for shoulder and haunch
8) The product has been approved according to the strictest European safety standards ECE R (44/03) and is suitable for Group I ( 9-18kg ) and Group ( 9-25kg ) .

5 . Important notes:
1) Read instruction manual carefully.
2) The correct fitting of the seat belt, along the red marking between the shell and the base of the seat, is of vital importance for the safety of your child.
3) Never leave your child unattended in the car.
4) Do not use a child safety seat if the vehicle is equipped with a front air bag. This can be dangerous. This does not apply to so-called side airbags.
5) Must only be used on a forward facing seat. And we recommend that it is fitted on the back seat.
6) Please should not be used longer than 5 years after the date of purchase. The properties of the product may deteriorate duet.
7) The moving parts should not be lubricated in any way.
8) The seat must not be used without the cover. And must always be secured with a seat belt
9) In order to prevent damage to the cover, do not remove the Baby Shield logo
10) The seat may be cleaned with Luke-warm water and a gentle soap. Do not use any abrasive detergents. The cover must be washed by hand at a maximum temperature of 40 0C. Do not use a dryer.
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