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Sticklac is first compressed and filtered to eradicate sand and dust. It is then washed in huge barriers to remove insect bodies and a portion of the coloring matter.

Washing is done frequently until the dye and most of the impurities are removed. The Sticklac thus cleaned is spread on big clean open air floor to dry. After drying it is winnowed and sieved to get the commercial variety of Seedlac. It contains around 3-5% impurity.

The shellac is the name of the finished product and is commercially used across the world. It is broadly divided and manufactured in four categories Viz. Handmade shellac, heat process shellac, solvent process shellac, and dew axed bleached shellac. With the most tradition way blended up with contemporary method we produce optimal handmade shellac. By handmade process Light pure buttonlac and Kusumi buttonlac type of shellacs are produced. There are many types of hand made shellac which includes hand made lemon one shellac, hand made lemon two shellac, and hand made standard one shellac.