Sell BT-910 White Cu-Sn Alloy Brightener

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BT-910 White Cu-Sn Alloy Brightener
Specific Properties & Application
1. The silver-white layer of Cu-Sn plating has high corrosion resistance.
2. The layer is uniform, it has good pliability, weldability and electric conductivity.
3. The bath is stable, easy to operate and control.
Bath Composition & Operating Condition
CuCN 8 ~ 10 g/L
Na2SnO3 40 g/L
NaCN 20 ~ 24 g/L
NaOH 8 g/L
BT-910A 4 ml/L
BT-910B 80 ml/L
BT-910C 40 ml/L
Temp. 55 ~ 600C
Time 30 ~ 90s
Dk 0.5 ~ 2 A/dm2
Sk : Sa 1 : 2
Cathode Cu or Cu-Sn Alloy Plate (Tin content 8 ~ 12%)
Bath Preparation:
1. Dissolve the measured sodium cyanide into 400C hot water which weighs 10 times as much as NaOH, then slowly pour cuprous cyanide and constantly agitate it till it dissolves completely.
2. Dissolve NaOH in water which weighs 10 time as much as the NaOH, heat the solution to 1000C, constantly agitate and slowly pour Na2SnO3 till it dissolves completely.
3. Mix the above solution, add water to the set volume, agitate the solution to uniform situation, then electrolysis the solution with current whose Dk is 0.5A/dm2.
4. Add BT-910A, BT-910B, BT-910C in order, agitate them to uniform situation and conduct the preplating trial, if it reaches the set standard, the normal production can be conducted.
Maintenance & Management of the Bath:
1. Control Parameter:
Cu 5 ~ 6 g/L NaCN(free state) 12 ~ 14 h/L
Sn 16 ~ 19 g/L NaOH 7 ~ 9 g/L
3. Consumption:
BT-910A 100 ~ 200 ml/KAH
BT-910B 200 ~ 300 ml/KAH
BT-910C 40 ~ 80 ml/KAH
5. BT-910 brighteners form their own system, dont add other brightener or chemical additive to the same bath.
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10mt per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
14 days
Minimum Order Quantity
25 kgs
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
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