Sell BTI-035 Open MRI System

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Magnet in the BTI system has its own intellectual property right. It was designed by using computer to repeatedly simulate calculation. It has high magnetic homogeneity, stability and very high magnetic strength with lower magnetic leakage. Within 300mm sphere rang, the magnetic homogeneity is up to 2ppm. It has reached a real wide open with its design of eddy current free technology and single pole. BTI system introduces a "C" shape open magnet which makes it easy to apply the brand new MRI technique into the clinic field, and makes every patient feel more comfortable during MRI scanning.


1. Permanent magnet . C Shape

Magnet strength: 0.35T

Homogeneity : <30ppm in d300mm sphere

Stability : <20ppm/h

2. Image

Resolution: <2mm

Field Of View:50 to 400mm

Slice thickness :2 to 80 mm

Geometry alteration : <5%

Image Homogeneity :Helmet Coil <80%

S/N :Helmet Coil >80

3. Gradient strength :max 15mT/M

4. Pulse Sequence :SE , FSE, MRA , IRFSE , STIR , FLAIR , GRE , MIP , DWI

Design of Flat Planar Coil for Gradient System:

BTI System uses advanced design of flat planar coil for gradient system to minimize the noise. After repeatedly simulating optimization, it provides the gradient system with good linearity covers X, Y and Z axes.

Design of Flat Planar Coil for Transmitter System

Quadrature design of flat planar coil has been applied to BTI system, it separates its upper and lower parts completely. It can improve transmitter efficiency of the System and save more spaces.

Advanced Hardware Technology:

1. Digital spectrometer has very low noise, high stability and excellent image quality.

2. Receiver channel of spectrometer can be expanded to multiple channels according to the user's demand.

3. Powerful and fast gradient magnetic field. High-power gradient amplifier is provided. The gradient strength reaches to 18mT/m, slew rate is up to 54mT/m/ms. It offers a rapid acquisition, slice images and plenty of imaging sequences.

RF Receiving System:
Considered from three aspects of patient comfort, easy operation and high sensitization when it is designed, BTI System has diversified receiving coils, and broadly uses higher grade quadrature receiving coils and phase array coils.