Steel system elliptical tube radiator owns unique antiseptic treatment, and the high strength bearing pressure ability, which make the product life lengthen. And the product liability insurance was undertaked by Chinese Safe Insurance company, which enable the general consumer's benefit to obtain the basic safeguard.
1) column material:low carbon steel
2) Inner water contacting tube material: Steel
3) Thermal output per piece:320-1180W
4) Surface treating method: electrostatic painting, heating tinting, dustproof.
5) Inner packing: poly-bag, one piece per carton
6) Customized specifications are welcome
7) Provide you with warm, dry radiators and can prevent against disagreeable smell, bacteria and other defects
8) Available area: 3.0-4.2 -- 11-12m2/pc
9) Good thermal conductivity, good anticorrosion feature and long life span , competitive price