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Act as Buying Agent/Representative with following services:

(A) Finalisation of carrier (s) /rates/documentation (supervision) .
(B) Checking, supervision and monitoring of orders placed in India.
(C) Handle visiting foreign principals, their field visits and correspondence with them.
(D) Keep principals abreast with new information about their requirements from India.
(E) Prepare producer/supplier assessment reports for principals.
(F) Other activities as per principal's requirement.
(G) Handling shipment execution.
(H) Documentation from closure of sale upto delivery of shipment.
(I) Tracking of shipments/deliveries.
(J) Freight negotiation, selection of shipping line and routes for LCL and FCL cargoes, stuffing and de-stuffing containers.
(K) Liaison (with CHAs, buyers & others)
(L) Market development in India.
(M) Preparation of proposals for participation in Indian tenders.
(N) Sourcing and procurement of required items from Indian vendors.
(O) Obtain bids from Indian producers ensure best possible deals.
(P) Develop complex high value contracts for key suppliers on national and international basis.
(Q) Maintaining continuous contacts with extensive vendor base spread all over India.
(R) Evaluate sub-contractors, review purchase indents and places orders based on the same.
(S) Ensure that purchased products are in adherence to specifications.
(T) Interact with accounts to ensure that payments to suppliers are as per schedule.
(U) Monitoring and maintaining quality of goods and related statutory compliances.
(V) Inspection of goods/shipments at site.
(X) Sampling for the buyers.
(Y) Market research regarding products and market development for the same.
(Z) Other activities as desired by the principal.
Condition of Goods
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale