Sell BV-620V Vascular doppler

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Detect the blood flow status of arterial/venous by 5MHz, 8MHz probe; detect the blood flow average velocity; detect the purpose of finger/toes and part of bodys vein anatomies operation

Display the waveform and the detecting result of the blood stream average velocity and the spectrum line; LCD indicates the blood stream status through the bar shape cursor and voice;

With volume adjusting function, battery volume and time/date display;

RS-232 port can connect the unit with a computer and store the data.


Frequency band:

Main unit: 200180~500011000 Hz

Probe: 350180~25001500 Hz

Flow velocity mode: 0~40cm/s

Frequency mode: 0~2 KHz

Ultrasonic frequency: 8.0MHz 1 10%

Battery: 14.4V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

Power: 24V/1.5A

Exterior output

Loudspeaker: single track, with earphone jack

Audio frequency output: <=2W

Earphone power: 0.5mW

Impedance: 270(Ohms)