Sell Baby Diaper Pad Machine

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1. It can produce both economical and leakage-barrier products. It can produce L, M, S, size of products.
2. Usage of diaper pad can choose release paper sticker or waistline.
3. Products are vertically folded and then three-folded horizontally into square type and output in line.
4. SAP and pulp are mixed and added with adjustable amount of SAP.

Structure & Character

1. Driving system consists of gearwheel device, universal couplings and arc gear synchronous belt. Driving components are installed on backboard of equipment to gurantee high driving accuracy and low mechanical consumption.
2. Main press-cut rollers adopt universal shaft driving with fast driving and lifetime guarantee of cutting tool.
3. The bearings, synchronous belts and electrical components are famous brands in china.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Specification of products: Length 300~450mm x Width 130~200mm (20~35g/PC)
2. Designed production speed: 400PCS/min
3. Stable production speed: 250~300 PCS/min
4. Machine power:80kw (380v 50Hz) (include glue applicators. )
5. Overall size of equipment (L x W x Hm) : 16 x 2.4 x 3.6 (Exclude crusher)
6. Weight of equipment: about 22t
*As per request, it can be equipped with PLC to materialize self-controlling function. Production speed is 280~350PCS/min.