Sell Baby Diaper Pad Machine

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Two, Main Technical Parameter:
*Specification of products: S, M, L, XL
*Designed speed: 350 PCS/min.
*Stable production speed: 200-250 PCS/min.
*Power: 380V, 50HZ
*Machine power: 130KW (exclude the power of H. M. applicator) (set temporarily)
* Rate of rejected products: <=2% (Exclude exchange material or breakdown)
* Overall size of equipment (Exclude stacker and crusher ) 19mW2.6mW3.1m (LXWXH) .
(set temporarily)
*Weight: about 25 t
*The working direction of machine: By facing to machine, running machine from left to right.
Three, Basic equipments:
* It can produce four specifications (S, M, L, XL) of products by exchanging the cutting tool or simple regulation.
*Teeth-type high-sped crusher can take untreated pulp, semi-treated pulp and treated pulp with adjusting amount of wood pulp by step-less speed-regulator.
*Reliable and fixed square machine bracket.
* Cotton core is laid out and molded by single net wheel, cotton core consists of two tissue paper with one ply wood pulp in the center.
* Cotton core is compressed by air cylinder.
* SAP and wood pulp are mixed with step-less adjusting the amount of SAP.
* Embossment is conducted on cotton core with embossing pattern normally in net square type. Moreover, embossment shape can be produced as per clients request.
*Lining with the guide-flow Non-woven.
*Cotton core is cut off by cutter.
*Leakage barrier unit with heat-pressing.
* N. W. is cut open.
* Rubber band supplying unit.
* With N. W. cockling unit.
* Elastic waist band unit
* Closure Tape Adding Unit, which can adjust the gap between the closure tape to comply with the different widths for the different sizes of products.
* Frontal tape with vertical glue scraping and spraying.
* Narrow P. E. film and wide N. W. are glued together as the back sheet.
* With spandex running unit, among them, four PCS of rubber band are equipped for each side of cotton core, while two PCS of rubber band are added for each side of leakage barrier. The cut roller material is of Cr12Mo1v1.
* Products are with arc-cutter.
* Products are vertically folded, cut and molded after compressing.
* Products are horizontally three folded or two folded.
* Products are vertically output in alignment.
* Wind pipe is of galvanization pipe.
* Cotton core is cut off with universal driving.
* Main motor is adjusted by electromagnetic speed-regulator.
* PEIXIN edge-rectifiers, five sets. There are two sets of edge-rectifiers for hydrophobic N. W. , while there is one set each for hydrophilic N. W. , material surface and elastic waistline.
* Rejected material is separated and reabsorbed into the scrapheap.
* Phasic compressing and adjusting the space
* Pneumatic controlling unit.
* Urgent-stop unit
Driving system: ◇ consisting of main shaft plus universal gimbals plus gearwheel plus synchronous belt plus differential device plus universal shaft coupling.
◇ Main driving shaft is in h45.
◇ The connection of main driving shafts is adopted with universal shaft couplings.
◇ Gearwheel device is with spiral umbrella gearwheel.
◇ Differential device protect the space between the gears with the driving conducted by planet.
Other character: ◇ Cutter bracket is adopted withh45 of steel bracket and pushing backboard.
◇ All short-cutting is conducted by scraping.
◇ Glue-spraying area is mounted with lamination lamp, while the back driving is mounted with lamp for maintenance.
◇ Equipped with counter
Four. Structure & Character:
* Driving system consists of gearwheel box, universal couplings and gear synchronous belt with perfect driving accuracy and high mechanical efficiency.
* Driving components are installed on the backboard of equipment to protect operation against shake and facilitate the adjustment and maintenance.
* Web wheel in large diameter lay out the pulp to keep even thickness of cotton core under high-speed operation.
* During operation, jumbo roll takes vacuum absorption to guarantee the stability of material tension.
* Board support working part, which facilitates checking the quality of products, operating and adjusting without stopping machine.
* Positioning and molding procedure of products are equipped with differential device to conduct adjustment without stopping machine.
* Main press-cut rollers adopt universal shaft driving. The driving is advanced in designing.

Five, The details of the main parts on the machine
Name Brand Origin
Cutting tool bearing NTN or NSK Japan
Synchronous belt Jiebao Zhejiang Ningbo
Flat belt AITOM English
Cutting tool PEIXIN Quanzhou
Edge-rectifier PEIXIN Composed by German parts
Six. Spare parts along with the machine
1, Arc-cutter, one set for each specification
2, flat cutter, one set
3, other wearable parts, several PCS
4, operation manual
Seven. After-sales service, installing and testing:
1, On behalf of buyer, supplier will arrange the shipping, while the freight should be born by buyer.
2, Supplier is on charge of the equipments installation and technical training at buyers country, while the roundtrip air tickets, meal, accommodation and 20 dollars as per day salary for each technician should be born by buyer.
3, One year guarantee, while the wearable parts, such as, cutting tool, synchronous belt, flat belt and so on are not belonging to the maintenance parts.
Eight, Payment terms:
Buyer should pay 30% of total as down payment by T/T in favor of supplier after signing the contract, while the rest 70% of total should be paid by confirmed, irrevocable L/C payable by draft at sight before taking delivery.
Nine, Duty of breach: as per other relative statements in the agreement.
Ten, Settlement of the contract breach: friendly settlement as per《 Law of the contract》 .
Eleven, This contract is invalid until the signature from both sides and also the down payment paid by buyer in favor of supplier.
Twelve, Any of the breaches from this contract should be friendly settled down by both sides.
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