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Experience a Natural Purity More Gentle Than Water

A mother's love is the greatest in the world. Mothers around the world, do you know how to take care of the tender and delicate skin of your baby? Bel'Air understands a mothers sentiments, so we have created Baby Series, which is your ideal choice for taking care of your babys skin, protecting your babys skin against harmful bacteria, fungi and ringworm, stimulation and dehydration. Baby Series also deeply cleanses your babys skin by removing dirt and grime accumulation in the pores. With Baby Series, every bath is a delightful experience which bonds you closer to your baby. Baby Series leaves your babys skin feeling clean, refreshed and lingering with a wonderful fragrance the whole day long. Bel'Air Baby Series is a mother's best helper and a babys best friend.

Baby Series contains no irritant; it is kinder on the skin than water. Baby Series is made from natures finest plant essential oils and through a special process that reduces the oil molecules to their smallest, this gives the quality of high permeability for deep cleansing and protection of a babys delicate skin. Baby Series is truly the best companion for all who want silky smooth skin like a baby.

Smart mothers can even recycle the water used for bathing their babies. The water containing Baby Series could then be used to disinfect the tiles, curtains, basins, etc, leaving them clean, fresh and scented.

Active Ingredients: Pine essential oil, tea tree essential oil, coconut oil, cocoamidopropylbetaine


-Possesses anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and cleansing properties.
-Prevents athletes foot, ringworm, white-spots and skin infections.
-Counteracts body odour.


Both adults and babies can use Baby Series for bath.

After bathing baby, water containing Baby Series can be recycled by using it to disinfect tiles, curtains, basins, etc. Besides eliminating bacteria, it also leaves a lingering fragrance and makes your household items as clean as new.