Sell Back Cycle Massager

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Product Characteristics

1. Designing is based on Ergonomics to ensure that the maximum degree of comfort.

2. Point at light sensitivity integrated with a variety of massage speed and intensity of rhythm and regularity of the program massage, massage really similar with results of being human.

3. With six electric massage with granular, according to human Points location, set up six back massage spaces.

4. Handy remote control operation, the use of simple and convenient.

5. Provision applied many occasions, such as home, office and car.

6. Overpack used leather wrapped, feeling good, Fast-conditioning vents for six with the use of heat to maintain optimum performance and temperature

Product Parameter

Size: 51*35*10CM

weight: 4.5KG



Stander Time : 15min

Stander Power: 750W

Carton Size : 53*11*34CM