Sell Backhoe loader from China

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High efficiency: Fully optimized systems arrangement to get strong digging force and high working efficiency.
Complete function: Reserved joint can fast fitted with breaking hammer, borer, cutter, skimmer and hanger etc.
Reliable structure: Structure pieces is perfectly welded of numerical control cutting high-intensity steel plate, bearing capacity is very strong.

Item WZ25-20C
Rating loading capacity 1600kg
Bucket capacity 0.9m3
Dumping height 2500mm
Dumping reach 791mm
Hoe bucket capacity 0.25m3
Digging radius 5000mm
Max. digging depth 4000mm
Max. Breakout force 40KN
Arm lifting time 4.5s
Arm declining time 2.5s
Bucket forward tilting time 2.0s
Max. Turing angle 370
Min. turning radius 4500mm
Wheelbase 2140mm
Tread 1490mm
Tyre specification 16/17-20
Air pressure Front 0.32Mpa Rear0.28Mpa
Operation weight 6.7t
Figure dimension overall length 6910mm
overall width 2000mm
overall height 3430mm
Brake system Air pressure of brake system 0.6 - 0.8Mpa
Service brake Air-assisted hydraulic-disk type brake
Travel speed
Forward 1st gear 10km/h
Forward 2nd gear 25km/h
Reverse 1st gear 10 km/h
Reverse 2nd gear 24 km/h
Max. traction force 48KN
Min. ground clearance 297mm

Diesel engine
Model 4102BG
Rating power 55kw
Rating rev. 2400 r/min
Min. specific fuel consumption 238 g/kw. h

Transmission system
type of torque converter YJ280
Stall torque ratio 3.1
Oil pressure of torque converter inlet 0.25 - 0.3Mpa
Type of Gearbox Planetary Gear,
power shift

Oil capacity
Fuel tank 90L
Hydraulic system 130L
Engine oil 11.5L
Gearbox 20L
Axles and final drive 30L
Brake system 1.5L

Type of main transmission Spiral bevel gear
Reduction ratio 5.833
Type of final drive single-Spur planetary gear
Reduction ratio 3.9