Sell Bacteria body separator

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Main Purposes
The bacteria body separator is one kind of the tubular separator, improved one on the base of original machine type which is suitable for bacteria body separation in biological industry. Check valve and bowl lining can be used in order to ensure bacteria alive and to prevent material from bacterial contaminaton in the bacterial separation technology.

Main Features

Its strong in separation and high in yield . The contact between the material and the machine is made in stainless, and the machine body can be made in stainless or iron according to the needs of the customer. As to different material and operation , we can set up lining , lining plastic and lining rubber.
Providing Notes

1. The tubular centrifuge mostly adopts refrigeration equipment in bio-engineering. Our company wouldnt provide refrigeration equipment if you dont account for it when you order.
2. The customer should indicate to select explosion-proof motor in advance if the customer must separate the flammable and explosible material.
3. The customer should indicate whether they need electric appliance controller. Usually the machine doesnt need to set it up.
4. If the customers need ancillary facilities , such as feeding gantry , clean gantry etc , please note it in advance.
5. The spare parts of the high-speed operation machine should be changed as the original factory , otherwise it may damage the machine and have accident.