Sell Bag Filling and Sealing Machine

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1) The manipulator clips the bag, opens yard, fills material, consolidates and compresses air, then processes heat sealing, truing and printing
2) This machine is controlled by PLC and interface
3) Adopts frequency control to regulate speed
4) Perfect bag pattern, well sealing effect and lower broken rate, because bag was printed and made by heating and sealing beforehand
5) Specially designed shaping device to make bags smooth
6) Safety device can prevent wrong operations

1) Service positions: 6 service positions
2) Bag size: 100 - 210mm (W) x 100 - 350mm (L)
3) Max. packaging speed: 30 bags/min
4) Scaling scope: 5 - 1,500g
5) Power: 15kW
6) Overall dimensions: 1,800 x 1,600 x 1,500mm
7) Weight: 1,000kg
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