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pocket type new composite filter material is compounded by polypropylene, ployester and spunbonded fabric.

The materials adapts to demands fo multilayers of filter material and gradient filtration and prolongs the life-span of the products. the product can be widely used in initial and medium bag filters.

Filter Efficiency: 35%-95%(For 0.5 Micron) , 60%-98%(For 1 Micron) , 85%-99%(For 2 Micron) .
Can Be Used In Bag And Plate Filters, Etc.
Initial resistance: 35-50 Pa, DHC: >100 g/m2
Thickness : F5, F6: 2-3mm F7, F8: 3-4mm
Max Width: 720mm.

F7 type:
Model: 595mm x 595mm x 600mm -8(pockets) ,
Test temperature: 15-25 centigrade. Humidity: <75%
Air flow rate: 3400
Initial resistance: 88 Pa, finial resistance: 450 Pa
Dust holding capacity: 335g
Average efficiency (0.4 micron) : 81%

Apart from F7 type, we can also supply F5, F6, F8 type.
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