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White tea is processed without rolling to keep the original form of leaves. White tea can be categorized into two varieties: white bud tea and white leaf tea. Usually, the buds of "great white tea plant" are plucked to make white bud tea, such as: Yinzhen Baihao. The bud and first two leaves (or only leaves) are plucked to make white leaf tea, such as: Bai Mu Dan(white peony) , eyebrow tea, etc.

Bai Mu Dan we supply is a perfect balance of white tea buds and unfurling leaves. When steeped, the Bai Mu Dan leaves unfold resembling petals of a peony blossom, hence the tea is named "Bai Mu Dan" (means "white peony" in English) . Exquisite and delicate, the White Peony has a bolder aroma and produces a darker cup color than the Yinzhen Baihao. The rich blonde liquor conveys a sweet, slightly fruity flavor.
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