Sell Baicao No.1

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(wide-use pesticide)
(0.36% matrine aqueous solution

Materials Source

Sophora flavescens Ait, Neem, Melia azedarach L, Oriental arborvitae, Stemona tuberosa Lour, Artemisia Larandulaefolia DC, Artemisia apiacea Hance, Salix wallichiana Anderss, Etc.
Effect Method
Touch killing firstly and stomach poison secondly. The best effect period is the first 3days after application. The product on crops will be dissolved within 2days. To ensure safety, please stop application 3days before harvest.
1littter of product diluted by 1000liters of water for one hectare
1. Application immediately after dilution;
2. Keep sprayer clean, good combinability with other pesticide and
fertilizer formulations of acidity, but never mix with any alkaline
water and formulation.
3. The effect will reduce if use in high temperature or before rain.
4. The best spraying time is after 4: 00 pm to avoid too strong
5. Widely spray on leaves, under sides of leaves, stacks and buds.
6. Because of natural plant ingredients, it can promote growth,
increase yield and improve quality of crops.
7. The product can be used as a kind of safe Parasiticide Shampoo for
8. Please stored in a dark, cool and arid place keep away from high
temperature and strong sunshine. Storage period: 2 years.