Sell Baicao No.2

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(0.1% matrine aqueous solution)
Target pests and dosage Crops Target pests Dilution Rate
Horticultural plant Aphids, Thrips 1000-1500
Vegetable Aphids, whitefly (Aleurodidae) 1000-1500
Fruit tree Aphids, Lager pear sucker, whitefly 1000-1500
Tea plant Aphids, Tea green leaf hopper 1000-1500
Tobacco Aphids 1000-1500

Materials Source

Sophora flavescens Ait, Stemona tuberosa Lour. , Chenopodiumambrosioiidesn L. (mexicantea) etc.
Effect Method
Touch killing as the basic way, suffocating as asupplementary way. Easy to dissolve, no pollution to living environment.
Direction of application
Revolve spray nozzle to open, and then spray directly.
Please widely spray Baicao II on leaves, under sides of leaves, stalks and buds. Each 10 days one application. It can also promote the growth and enhance the ornamental.