Sell Baicao No.6

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( 5% Rotenone ME )

This product is a new type of botanic insecticide sourcing from African Mountain Green Soybeans. It is not only a bio-insecticide with high effect, broad spectrum and low toxicity, but also holds the features as: fargoing pests-controlling, long validity, strong stomach-poison and contact-killing activity and also the activity of apastia and growth development-suppressing to pests. No matter what pests on vegetables, fruit trees, paddies, tea trees, tobaccos, cottons or grasslands, it has outstanding controlling efficacy that is why it can effectively control more than one hundred pests on farms, forests, grasslands, sanitations and also livestocks with its unique function mechanisms. Moreover, the active ingredients in this product can be easily oxidated by air and then decomposed into compounds with low or no toxicity; the residue period is very short after application, so it is friendly to environment and there is no persistent toxicity or secondary poisoning.

Physical and Chemical Features
Active Ingredient: Rotenone

ISO Common Name: Rotenone

Relative Molecular Weight: 394.21 (As per the international relative atom weight in 1995)

Chemical Name: [2R-(2a,6aalpha,12aalpha) ]-1,2,12,12a-tetrahydro-8,9-dimethoxy-2-(1-methylethyl) [I] benzopyranol [3,4-b] furo 12,3-h] [I]benzopyran-6(6aH) -one(Windholz, 1983) .