Sell Bailu No.1

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Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder
Key ingredients:

Alginic acid: >18% N:0.8-1.2% Organic matter:40-50% P2O5:0.1-0.2%

Dry matter: >98% K2O:15-18%

Olubility in water:>99%


1. Rapidly complement well-balanced nutrition, and improve the quality of crops.

2. Improve blossom and fruit set.

3. Stimulate cell division. Activate the metabolism of each vegetable cell. increase crop's physical activity and also increase its immune system.

4. Promote the development of shoots and roots.

5. Inrease crop resistance to environmental stresses.

6. Reduce disease symptoms on crops. And discourage insrcts' attack.


1. Folia spray: Dilute the product by 3000-4000 times water and 3 to 4 continuous applications at 20 days interval.

2. Fertigation: Application with irrigation and dosage is 1.5-2.0kgs/ha.

3. Seed treatment: 1ton seeds is treated by 0.5-1.0kg product.

4. Root dipping: dilute the product by 2500-3000 times water and then dip the roots.