Sell Bailu No.3

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Seaweed Extract Compound Liquid

Key ingredients:

Seaweed extract: >20%

N, P, K:>10%

Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn:>3%


1. A totally balanced formulation and specially adpted to the pants' need.

2. Correct the deficiencies of necessary trace elements, and improve the quality of harvest.

3. Feed the plant and activate the general metabolism.

4. Increase chlorophyll content and strengthen photosynthesis. Bring greener leaves and more colorful flowers, and prolong bossoming period.

5. Anti-stress and anti-insect attack.


1. Folia spray: Dilute the product by 1000-1200 times water.

2. Fertigation: Application with irrigation and dosage is 2-2.5L/ha.

3. Root dipping: Dilute the product by 2000-3000 times water.