Sell Bailu No.5

Bailu No.5 You May Also Be Interested In: seaweed extract
Seaweed Extract Plus Trace Element

Key ingredients:

Seaweed extract: >10%

Trace element: per customers' requirements


1. Seaweed extract plus iron: Promote the growth of crops and make them strong and healthy. Increase the setting ratio. Dual functions of iron complement and fertilizer. Prevent and control the yellows caused by iron deficiency.

2. Seaweed extracted plus zinc: Promote the miafration and metabolism of sugar; accelerate the synthesis and work of the phttohormones; Stimulate the cell division and maturity.

3. Seaweed extract plus zinc: Promote the growth of the crops; strengthen the anti-frost and anti-disease abilities; Increase the yeild and improve the quality; keep the crops from withenring and losing color in leaves and cause by zinc deficiency.


1. Folia spray: Dilute the product by 600-800 times water .

2. Fertigation: 2-4L/ha.

3. Seed treatment: 1-2L/ton seeds.