Sell Balancing Lotion - For Hyper-Sensitive Skin

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Main Ingredients;
1. BACOCALMINE- Obtained from India, Soothes, Emollient, Balances.
2. BEEFSTEAK PLANT EXTRACT- Purple Shiso, Nutrients, Comforts, Soothes.
3. LIQUORICE EXTRACT- Emollient, Balances, Brightens, Conditions.
4. ALOE EXTRACT- Nutrients, Supple, Prevent Aging, Fortifies Radiance.

This Balancing Lotion is ideal for those with sensitive and oily skin types. Treats red, irritated skin and stop symptoms of severe skin conditions disorders such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis relating to an abnormal skin barrier function. This botanicals concentrated formula works to repair skin's own barrier function by replenishing essential lipids With multiple botanicals such as Bacocalmine, Beefsteak Plant Extract and Liquorice Extract, this unique relieves, calms, balances, soothes irritated and allergic skin, and fights against free radical. Anti-inflammatory and protects skin from damages caused by environmental sources.

It penetrates the layers of your skin easily and absorbs quickly while hydrating sensitive skin. . No harsh side effects to be concerned with. Just pat over your face with facial puffy. Avoiding eye area.

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