Sell Ball Chain in Spool

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Ball Chain in Spool

#1 Used for fine jewelry.
#2 Commonly used for jewlery applications such as neckchains, bracelets, etc.
#3 Can be seen attached to dog tags, used for ID badges, etc
#6 Can be seen in toilets, light/ceiling fan pulls, vertical blinds, retaining applications, key chains and more.
#8 Most common applications are drive chain for vertical blinds, plumbing applications and retaining applications.
#10 Used in plumbing applications, vertical blinds, retaining applications, (can also be seen to attach rug samples together)
#13 Industrial sizes -- Can be used as window treatments and wall coverings.
#15 Industrial sizes -- Wall Coverings and many uses. Our chain is kinkless, cost effective and durable.
#20 Industrial sizes -- Similar applications as #13 and #15. Can be used where more strength is needed
#30 Industrial sizes -- Also known as the "BIG BALL CHAIN"
#50 Industrial Sizes - New Heavy Weight Champion - This is the Biggest Ballchain available