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Operating principle
The magnetic line plate is composed by feritemagnet and a modified antimagnetic steel and is arranged in an alternative order of the N and S poles of the magnetic system on the curved surface. When the ball mill operates, the magnetic line plate attracts the broken balls and magnetic minerals onto its surface to form a certain thickness of pretection layer, to prevent the rumbling media and ore pulp from directly contacting the magnetic line plate, hence lengthening the service life of the plate. When being installed, the magnetic line plate is directly arracted onto the inner wall of the cylinder without the need to use any bolts to fix it.

Features and Applications
Long service life, light weight, thin thickness, low ball and electricity consumption, easy installation and reduced labor intensity. No pulp leakage; High efficency; Time saving of replacement and maintenance. Grid ball mill can be simply transformed to overflow ball mill just by removing the bracket at the discharge end.

It is widely used for all kinds of magnetic mineral substance, mineral substance of medium level magnetic and mineral substance of weak magnetism. It also can be used for nonmagnetic mineral substance, but certain quantity of ferromagnetic substances such as broken steel balls and scrap iron must be added to form the protection layer.