Sell Ballast ( for HID Lamp ) No. B-05 (Newest Model)

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Ballast for HID Lamp (Xenon Lamp)

Ballast No. B-05 (Newest Model)

This Ballast is specially for HID Lamp. So it is the main accessory for HID Lamp.

Vehicle Xenon Lamp is also called HID Lamp, its full name is High Intensity Discharge Lamp, abbreviated as HID. Through electric ballast control system, it can convert Electricity Voltage 12V into 23KV impulse voltage of high voltage instantaneously, thus spark xenon to emit rays of light of high color temperature in the electricity arc. Compared with traditional principle of heating and lighting from glower of lamp, it thoroughly abandons the traditional principle of lighting from tungstem lamp and is the fruit from modern science and technology.

This Ballast is the newest model with character of smallness and thickness (12mm) and beautiful appearance.