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type: RYK93 Ballistic Helmet, Military Helmets, Helmets, Bullet Proof Helmet, Safety Helmet,
It features lightweight, moisture resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, Wearing comfort is very good due to its lightweight, also ricochet damage in a hit on hit on body might be prevented.
To defeat threat Level IIIA (NIJ 0106.01)
(1) To defeat 9mm FMJ, 124 grain, bullet velocity 1400 +/- 50 FPS (Feet Per Second)
(2) To defeat .44 Magnum SWC-GC, 240 grain, bullet velocity 1400 +/- 50 FPS (Feet Per Second)
USA army PASGT style, optional Color, Protection area 0.14sqm, less than 1450g
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