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These ceramic plates are 10" x 12" and offer protection up to Level IV (NIJ) when worn with your existing vest. They can be fitted in either front or back of your vest. This plate is designed to achieve either NIJ Level III or NIJ Level IV protection when worn in conjunction with an NIJ certified Level IIIA Vest. "In-conjunction" plates are designed to stop the specified threat within the vest/plate matrix. Some fragments may penetrate the plate, but are of much reduced energy, easily stopped by the ballistic vest worn underneath. "In-conjunction" plates are lighter, more comfortable, and less bulky than stand-alone plates.

They will defeat the following threats:
7.62 W 54mm lead core ball ammunition
Dragunov Sniper Rifle at 50 meters
7.62 W 51mm NATO ball ammunition at 0 meters
7.62 W 39mm mild steel core, AK-47 at 0 meters
7.62 W 63mm AP at 0 meters
5.56 W 45mm SS109/M855 at 0 meters
5.56 W 45mm M193 ball at 0 meters
5.45 W 39mm Russian ball at 0 meters
12 gauge slug at 0 meters
Multicurved ceramic plates will defeat 7.62 x 39 mm and API ammunition (AK47)

They will also provide protection against:
7.62 x 51mm ball (FN, G3 etc)
5.56 x 45mm ball (M 16 etc)

Size. Standard 25cm x 30cm / 10 x 12
Weight: NIJ 0101.03 Level 3 2.7 kg / 5.95 lb
Brand Name
BH Kevlar
Supply Capacity
500 per month
NIJ Level IV
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
10 x 12
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Terms of Payment
paypal only
Warranty Coverage
5 years