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This amazing vase is covered with bamboo hand-woven cover. The style of vase is a specialty craft unique to Sichuan (Szechuan) province, famous for its abundance of bamboo, and of course, pandas. The two pandas on the vase, depicted eating and playing, are not painted on but hand-woven from variegated strips of bamboo. The abstract patterns are simple and elegant. The design is not painted on, but hand woven with thin colored bamboo strings.
These elegant porcelain items are covered with patterns and carefully woven with bamboo strands. Only one breed of bamboo is suitable for making the cover. The piece in question must be over 66cm long between two ridges, lack marks or scratches of any kind, and be at least two years of age. The quality of the set is such that 50kg of bamboo can produce only 400 grams of finished bamboo strips.
This unique style of porcelain was developed in Qing Dynasty (over 200 years ago) and was made exclusively for the royal family. The nature of the porcelain and skillful bamboo weave make this a perfect and unique gift from China
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