Sell Bamboo Shoots

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WINTER (SPRING) BAMBOO SHOOT is processed during the period from February to April. We produced 1500t canned bamboo shoot per year. The bamboo shoot are from Wuyi Mountain range where the natural mao bamboo grow flourishingly(400,000 mu) in an unpolluted environment, highly favored by the clients worldwide. We can supply you full, half or quartered bamboo shoots canned in weight of 552g, 800g and 2950g.

The specification of this product are as follow:

2950gX6tins (half)
2950gX6tins (whole) L
2950gX6tins (whole) M
2950gX6tins (whole) S
2950gX6tins (whole) SS
552gX24tins (whole)
552gX24tins (half)