Sell Bamboo powder pellet

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Both as a source of energy, but also can be used as charcoal
Bamboo charcoal products, raw materials derived from bamboo in more than three years, from high-temperature anaerobic pyrolysis. Use a wide range of bamboo charcoal. Using charcoal as fuel, it will enable distributed Amberpack fragrant scent, the smell is exhilarating. Charcoal burning is not only easy, but also a wide range of uses. In addition to fuel, the bamboo charcoal can be widely used in food preparation, baking, storage and preservation. When cooked rice into a bamboo charcoal can be difficult to protect its loss of nutrients, rice is soft and delicious incense; the charcoal in the refrigerator to remove the smell and prevent deterioration of food to extend shelf life of food; fried food, Add a little charcoal, not only fuel-efficient, and can guarantee the same quality oil; with its stew of food, food can be softened quickly.

Because of the unique raw materials and processing with a special form, bamboo charcoal has a number of unexpected features: charcoal soaked with water, bleaching powder in water to remove odor and a variety of harmful impurities in the water and dirt is not easy adhesion of Health ware; the charcoal into the bathroom or closet, the smell can be removed to prevent the clothes moth sp; placed in the fish tank can be more clean water, fish are less vulnerable to the bacteria against.