Sell Banana Puree

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N&N Polpas e Frutas Ltda. is a Brazilian company located in the state of Sao Paulo and one of the leading exporters of Banana Puree since 1996.

We are pleased to offer to our clients aseptic products manufactured with the most modern technics of packing and conservation with uses per example in beverages (milkshake, juice, nectar, fruits drink, soft drinks) , bakery products (cookies, cakes) , dairy products (ice cream, yogurt) , baby food (cereals, strained fruits) , chewing gums, candies, jams, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, . . .

This puree of banana is 100% pure, made from carefully selected 'CAVENDISH BANANAS', and being exported since 1996 to South America, Mexico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, . . .

In Brazil we supply important and respectable companies such as Smuckers, Dohler, IFF, Perdigco, Sadia, Nestle, Cargill, and McDonalds.

The factory is able to offer a wide range of types to satisfy any market and to meet individual manufacturer requirements:
- Natural Banana Puree.
- Banana Puree with Vitamin C.
- Acidified Banana Puree.
- Frozen Mixture Banana Puree and slices/cubes.

Exports are done in aseptic bags and packed in box, fiber drum, steel drum and fiber bin.

Let us know your interest for this business proposal. We remain at your complete disposal for any information or samples you may