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Whether your application is in biotechnology, R&D, Test and Measurement, Machine Vision or Analytical Instrumentation we have optical filters capable of meeting your needs.
Bandpass Filters are used extensively in a variety of biotech, biomedical, and quantitative chemical applications to selectively transmit a narrow range of wavelengths while blocking all others. Interference filters are widely used in instrumentation for clinical chemistry, environmental testing, colorimetry, elemental and laser line separation, flame photometry, fluorescence, immunoassays, etc. In addition, band pass filters are used to select discrete spectral lines from arc or gas discharge lamps (Hg, Xe, Cd, etc. ) and to isolate a particular line from Ar, Kr, Nd:YAG, and other lasers. Interference filters are often used in conjunction with laser diodes and LEDs.
Here are specifications we do,
Substrate material UV Grade Fused Silica or BK7
Diameter 25.0 +0~-.025 mm
Thickness 3 1 0.5 mm
Min. clear aperture >90% of diameter
Tpeak >35%
Attenuation T<0.01%
Angle of incidence 00 1 50
Coating Technology Electron beam evaporation, dielectric multilayers, or metal induced interference filter
Surface quality 20/10 per MIL-O-13830B
Wedge <3 minutes
Wavefront distortion <=1 λ @ 633nm per 25mm
Humidity resistance Per MIL-C-675A
Abrasion resistance Per MIL-C-675A
Optimum temperature 230C
Temperature limits -500C to 1000C
Certification Spectrophotometer print of lot sample
Cleaning Non-abrasive method, isopropyl alcohol on lens tissue recommended
Wavelength(nm) 355, 405, 488, 514, 532, 633, 780, 850, 1064
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Supply Capacity
5,000 pcs per month
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20 days
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