Sell Bandai Advanced Infrared Tamagotchi

Bandai Advanced Infrared Tamagotchi
New member of infrared tamagotchi family, more advanced, convenient and interesting!

1. Adding six shortcut keys: Convenient operation and quickly go to the different option. The shortcut key is blinking once pressed.
2. Interactive game: Connecting with other infrared tamagotchi to exchange gifts, make friends, and even marry.
3. Vivid breeding process: Growth, marry requirement when getting mature and then give birth to a baby.

- New IC, new character installed.
- New LCD, more than 1000 dots, the characters and pictrues are more clearer and vivider.
- Gaining password after winning the game, inputting the password and get the secret gift.

4. Durable battery: 1 piece CR2032, supporting long process than AG13.
5. Lovely affixation: transparent strip, cute pen
6. Various packing and manual: English, France, Spanish German Portuguese, Italian etc.
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3,000 pcs