Sell Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair Sep 2007

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Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair Sep 2007
Gems Stone , Jewelry, Equipments, Jewelry Boxes

#40th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

September 18 - 22 , 2007
Trade: 18-20 Sep 07
Public: 21-22 Sep 07

Impact Exhibition & Convention Center, The Challenger Hall 1-3

The Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair has established itself as one of The World's Favorite

Gem & Jewelry Destinations of top gem and jewelry professionals through the efforts of

Thailand's skilled and talented workforce, beautiful natural resources and a world-class

manufacturing center capable of producing jewelry to fit every taste. Thailand is also

one of the worlds foremost cutting and trading centers for diamond and colored

gemstones making the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair an excellent choice for all your gem

and jewelry needs. Bangkok is also one of the most exciting and exotic cities in the world

to host a gem and jewelry fair with every modern convenience nestled right in alongside

ancient Thai culture.