Sell Bank Debt Instruments

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Proof of Funds, LLC contracts as consultants for the issuance of bank debt instruments for our clients as beneficiaries for credit and collateral enhancement in 2nd lien position only. . These bank debt instruments will be callable, lienable, corporately assignable, irrevocable, unconditional, corporately transferable and available to our clients as beneficiary unrestricted as a default piece of collateral or credit enhancement for either a line of credit or loan that is established at their financial institution that is supported by an underlying transaction.

We have the ability to contract for the issuance of certificates of deposit, bank guarantees and standby letters of credit that are cash-backed from top 25 banks. In order to perform this, you have to be next to an investor who has a very large balance sheet and the ability to lend out its assets.

What makes this collateral so strong is that the instrument will be in the name of the Beneficiary, is fully lienable, collateralizable, callable, corporately transferable and corporately assignable.

Where most deals fall apart is that they require a bank undertaking that says the bank will return the instrument back at maturity, very few banks will do this.

These instruments only require a "Corporate Undertaking" between the Beneficiary and our company. You will not find this any other place in the market!!!!