Sell Bank Instruments Verifiable

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- CREDIT LINE based on Investor or Bank requirements being met.

- INVESTMENT GRADE COLLATERAL this can be provided on a case by case basis which depends heavily on any potential clients understanding on how to proceed or use such tools.

- PROOF OF FUNDS can be provided in the form of a CASH BACKED Certificate of Deposit in Favor of the Client or Company requesting such POF.
Minimum usage 30 days which can be extended on a 30 day basis.

- LEASING OF SECURITIES this can be obtained thru our Bank resources to
assist clients and Business Owners in building a solid Financial Portfolio.

- FINANCIAL LOANS businesses can obtain loans thru our resources which does Not require a Credit Score in some instances as long as the Bank or Lender requirements are met and the Terms and Conditions are agreed between both parties. Minimum Loan Amount varies which is based on the requested business need.

There are several other programs that are available upon request which we do not advertise based on serious clients already being aware of how to proceed and engage in a professional manner.

We do not engage or cater to non professional brokers or clients nor do we entertain conference calls or offer advice to clients or brokers who are unsure of what type investment strategy they are seeking. We only provide the resources once the requirements have been verified and met.

We do not solicit or make offers to clients to gain a competitive edge.
Without the proper request and procedural guidelines being followed we simply will not respond or engage.

Due to the high volume of request received daily by us and its resource entities
We ask that patience is displayed from clients to allow us to match you with the right resource in hopes of obtaining the best possible client satisfaction.