Sell Banknote Strapping Machine

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ZK-400BL, strap 10 or more packets banknote into 1 bundle automatically, instead of rope and manual labor absolutely. Operating is easier, faster, and more safe, can reduce labor intensity, and enhance the work efficiency. It assures banknote bundle tight, orderly. Thus it is convenient for banknote transfer and operation in financial system interior, not only protecting the banknote from being spoiled but also avoiding the possibility of loosening absolutely.

a) , Strap 10 packets banknote into 1 bundle with plastic belt automatically
b) , Optional strapping mode (Single band / Double bands/ Tri-bands)
c) , LCD screen displays detailed operation process
d) , Self-test malfunction, LCD screen display failure
e) , Adjust pressing pressure automatically, , controlled by CPU
f) , Pre-press function ensure strapping old banknote bundle successfully
g) , External belt boxes make belt fix easier
h) , Adjust heating temperature automatically
i) , Safe operation, adopt Movable Protecting Shutter design
j) , Move flexible with floor wheel
k) , Low noise, no smog and smell
l) , Low cost strapping belt
m) , One year warranty

Main parameters:
a) , Power supply: AC 220V110%, 50Hz
b) , Average power: <=190W
c) , Binding speed: <=18 - 20s/bundle
d) , Noise: <=65dB
e) , Belts: 12mm
f) , Unit dimensions (L x W x H) : 490 x 625 x 1,120mm
g) , N. W. : 110kg
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