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IntellaCore serves as the worlds principal leader in assisting companies into becoming prominent global competitors through providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Banner Brackets areone of our recommended products.

The reasons for buying this product are:

Revolutionary, Break Through Product
Wind tested to 100 mph
25 years of experience in the market
10 year warranty
No mechanical Parts that will get corroded
Weather resistant to cold and hot climates
Hardware allows banner to give with wind - avoid unappealing slits.
Lasts longer than traditional products
Options for variety of poles (fluted, metro, medium)
Award winning designs.
Short term delivery

Product profile:
Banner Bracket Standard Features:
356T6 Heat-Treated Cast Aluminum
Bolt Holes
Banding Channels
Arm Slide Flanges
Coated Set Screws and Zinc-Plated Hitch Pins

 Superior strength and durability
 Corrosion resistant
 Accepts powder coating
 Casting may be easily bolted to poles in lieu of banding application
 Easily allows positioning of up to 3/4 wide banding to fasten casting to pole
 Banner can be installed or removed without moving or removing main casting
 Allows banner-length adjustment of 1 at both top and bottom of banner
 Arms may be removed when no banners are installed
 Flower Pot Holder or Flag Pole Adapters may be installed when banners are not in use
 Allows for easy installation and adjustment
 Hitch pin provides added security
 10 Years when properly installed and maintained

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