Sell Baolu Floppy Simulator & USB Driver

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Floppy Simulator & USB Driver
----The new floppy driver terminator!

USB is born to terminate floppy. FUSB is born to update your equipment for USB no matter it is Japan, Korean or Chinese embroidery machine, or it is a normal computer, or it is an industrial computer or other textile machinery. Where there is a normal floppy driver, FUSB will turn it into a USB port.

Features and Characters:
1. No alternation on main board or any program, it is a pure replacement for conventional floppy disk driver.

2. USB disk is portable, compact, lasting (for 100,000 times) and reliable (Stand against magnetism, moisture and vibration)

3. Simple, Fast and Easy, instantly plug and play, this FUSB brings you efficiency using USB disk than Floppy.

4. Same Size, same standard as connecting to a floppy driver, just plug FUSB in the same Port. Safe and Convenient.

Standad version allows user to format whatever size of the USB disk into one floppy sizes that is 1*1.44MB.

Enhanced Version allows user to format USB disk into multiple floppy size that is multiple*1.44MB. Thus users may use multiple floppy disk from one USB Key . You may choose from the LED dispaly which number of disk to use in the USB key. The enhanced version also allows you to format the disk in 1.2MB and 720KB. (Please Specify before order. )

3. FUSB Universal:
As a higher version than the Enhanced Version, FUSB universal allows user to use the USB key on the FUSB directly without formatting. Just plug in the USB key and start working. System will choose from the list of 100 disks automatically.
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