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Dear sirs,
We make best quality Barbeque briquettes in Sri lanka , with 100% coconut shell charcoal. Our moto is to save envioronment by without felling of trees, So we use Coconuts which grow on trees to make our BBQ bricks
Information of Coconut Shell charcoal Barbecue Briquettes

Barbecue Briquettes are made from the coconut shell, which is carbonised and then compressed, to briquettes. Thus it is environmentally friendly being derived from a renewable resource and being 100% organic in its content.

In addition Coconut shell charcoal is far superior in heat value to most other substitute products. Also unlike the substitute products the fact that coconut shell charcoal is manufactured using a renewable resource makes it environmentally friendly and a sustainable source of energy. The low sulfur content (almost NIL. ) in Coconut shell charcoal also makes the smoke produced by the briquettes absolutely odour free.

Furthermore barbecue briquettes are packed in high quality durable packaging with the outer cover customized for the relevant market.

In summary Our BBQ Briquettes possesses the following competitive advantages over its competitors.

 Lower Cost  Renewable resource
 Environmentally friendly  No undesirable fumes.
 Higher heat value  Lasts Longer
 Less smoke  Secure & Attractive Packaging

The result is a safe and economical barbecue fire, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
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